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Become an Orientation Assistant 

The Center for Orientation & Transition Programs (OTP) is dedicated to creating and curating experiences that promote academic discovery, community engagement, and fostering a sense of belonging.

Orientation Assistants (OAs) serve as members of the Center for Orientation & Transition Programs staff and work toward the goal of assisting new students with their academic, social, and personal transition to the University of Kansas. 

I Am an OA I Am KU

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Gain Experience In: 

  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Facilitation
  • Problem-Solving
  • Interpersonal and Intercultural Skills
  • Teamwork

Apply if You Are:

  • Passionate about KU and being a Jayhawk.
  • Motivated to help others.
  • Excited to give back to new Jayhawks.
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Adaptable
  • Manage and lead a student group of up to 30 incoming students during Orientation sessions.
  • Facilitate small group discussions and provide pertinent information to incoming students about all things KU, including, policies, procedures, involvement opportunities, campus resources, and more.
  • Develop interpersonal and intercultural communication skills and broad understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through OA training and during the OA role.
  • Provide excellent customer service throughout all portions of the Orientation and Transition process, including but not limited to Orientation sessions, Hawk Week, and at the OTP front desk.
  • Develop public speaking skills through leading student groups and facilitating I am KU, with an audience of up to 120 incoming students.
  • Leverage critical thinking skills through on-the-job adaptability.
  • Engage and interface with incoming students, current students, parents & guests, and campus partners throughout Orientation and during the academic year.
  • Develop knowledge of a variety of campus units and resources through OA training.
  • Receive and provide feedback on the OA role and experience with OTP staff and leadership.
  • Utilize conflict management and delivery method changes when needed and appropriate.
  • Positively and responsibly represent the University of Kansas to incoming Jayhawks, current students, parents & guests, and campus partners throughout all OTP programs.

The OA position is a year-round role. OAs are expected to work Orientation, Hawk Week, additional Transition Programs, and in the office throughout the academic year. OAs work approximately 40 hours per week in the Summer and will work 5-15 hours per week in the Academic Year.

  • Available Summer 2024
    • OAs are required to be present during OA training from May 20th-May 31st (excluding weekends and Memorial Day)
    • Summer Orientation Sessions
    • Hawk Week   
    • OAs are prohibited from taking in-person courses in the Summer, but online enrollment is welcome. 
  • Undergraduate student standing (sophomore, junior, or senior status by Fall 2024; students preferred who can work through May 2025)
  • Minimum GPA requirement of 2.5
  • Experience with mentorship and leadership as demonstrated in application materials.
  • Strong written communication, organization, and time management skills as demonstrated in application materials.
  • Prior experience working and thriving on a diverse team as demonstrated in application materials.
  • $11.00/hour (approximately $3400 through training and June and July Orientation sessions)
  • Orientation and Hawk Week attire
  • KU Recreation Pass for Summer 2024
  • Summer student health fee paid
  1. See the entire job posting and all preferred qualifications here:
  2. Follow the link to apply and make sure you submit a resume and cover letter.
    1. If you need assistance creating either, find tips for writing a resume here and a cover letter here.
  3. If you have any questions, reach out to us at orientation@ku.edu .
  4. Priority application deadline is February 1st, 2024.

Nominations are accepted from students, staff, and faculty to identify current Jayhawks who would make amazing OAs.  After we receive a nomination, we reach out to the nominee, share more about the OA position, and encourage them to apply.  Nominations will be accepted until the OA application closes and can be submitted here: 2024-2025 OA Nomination Form (opens in a new tab).

2024 Orientation Assistant Team